Now, some 20 officials from regional municipalities,

Environment Canada lists the geese as being «a significant safety threat» to aviation, and a problem in local parks, pastures, golf courses and any other grassy area. Nesting Canada geese can also get quite nasty aggressive pairs can sometimes injure small children and pets. And goose droppings are expensive to clean up (although they haven’t been linked to any health concerns for humans, according to the federal department).Now, some 20 officials from regional municipalities, Environment Canada, Transport Canada, Ducks Unlimited, the Stanley Park Ecological Society and Nature Vancouver have scheduled a meeting for May after having recently met to discuss the goose issue.»With so many birds nesting in so many areas, we want to be effective,» says David Bradbeer, wildlife program specialist at Vancouver airport.»What are the consequences of these birds being here? And if we don’t like the consequences, what management actions can we take?»So far, officials across the region have dealt with the problem in different ways.YVR obtained a permit from Environment Canada to destroy up to 240 eggs this spring on Sea Island.

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